Within a CAS agency is it important that workers have access to information whenever they need it. Referrals can come into an agency at any time day or night. During non-regular hours (outside Mon-Fri 8:30AM to 5:00PM) there are staffed workers available to handle emergencies.

These after hours or coverage workers are responsible for handling incoming referals and calls on existing cases. Referrals can be called in on families that are known to the agency so the after hours worker needs to be able to search the system for information and also potentially interact with a case that is currently open and assigned to another worker.

After Hours Features In Matrix

Matrix allows after hours workers to securely access and interact with existing files in these situations. There are several features in the system that help after hours workers and regular workers effectively use the system and collaborate as required:

  • After Hours Emergency Resource List
  • After Hours Existing Case Access
  • After Hours Activity Notification of Assigned Case Workers

After Hours Emergency Resource List

The Emergency Resource list is a list of foster homes that have beds available and are able to take in a child under emergency circumstances after hours. The list is maintaned by the Resource department and is published to after hours workers periodically (usually end of day Fridays). When an emergency apprehension is required after hours Matrix provides the worker with an up to date pre-approved list of placement options saving time during what can be stressful situations.

After Hours System Searching

After hours workers have the ability to search the system to find information when referrals arrive. Workers can search for individuals, families, cases, etc. and see if the family is known to the agency and\or has an open case occurrence.

After Hours Existing Case Access

If a call comes in that is related to a file that is already open in Matrix system the after hours worker can open the file and review the case specifics. If actions are taken the after hours worker has the ability to complete forms and add case notes to the case file. Matrix will tag this information as data that has been entered by an individual that is not the current assigned worker and log the activity.

After Hours Activity Notification

In situations where an after hours worker interacts with a file that has another assigned worker the system will automatically inform the assigned worker and the supervisor. When the worker logs in to Matrix their assigned files are displayed. If there has been afterhours activity on one of these files there will be a visual indicator on the file. At this point the worker can click the notification icon and see exactly what has transpired.

After Hours Case Notes

Each file in the system has a special place for after hours workers to enter after hours case notes. After hours notes are grouped together and can be easily accessed by assigned case workers, supervisors, legal worker, etc.

After Hours Mobile Device Access

After hours workers can be required to do record checks any time from any location. Matrix has screens designed specifically for mobile devices such as Blackberries and Smart Phones. Workers can access assigned files, search for families\individuals and enter Case Notes on their phones while in the field.