Case workers need access to information quickly from anywhere. If there is an emergency situation and a worker needs to be engaged but they are not near an office or a computer for that matter they still have options. With recent advances in mobile technology devices such as Blackberries and Smart Phones are capable of accessing web based applications.

Mobile Access Matrix Features

Matrix by nature is a web based application that is accessed via a web browser. This means that software does not need to be loaded on a users' computer in order to use the program. This also means that it can potentially be accessed by any device that has a web browser such as various mobile devices.

Matrix has several core screens that have been optimized for mobile access scenarios. These screens include:

  • System Searching
  • Case File Summaries
  • Case Notes

These are core activities that can easily be performed in the field by workers on their mobile devices.

System Searching

Workers can type in search selection criteria including names, addresses, phone numbers, etc. and quickly see matches in the system. This feature would be beneficial to workers that need to know if a family they are about to deal with is known to the agency.

Case File Summaries

Workers can log into Matrix on their mobile devices and see a listing of all currently assigned active files. Case Summaries can then be displayed that have pertinent information regarding the selected file. Information such as family members, dates, alerts, due forms, etc. can be viewed on the Case Summary screens.

Case Notes

Case notes can be entered in the field via mobile devices. Workers can type in a quick case note on a file and choose to add more details later when at a PC in the office. Most workers will want to capture notes in point form via their mobile devices.