Case workers are assigned multiple files that can all be at differing stages of the case lifecycle. The amount of work that each file represents varies based on the stage of the file, the situation and the recording requirements. When a supervisor determines who should be assigned a new file they take into consideration the situational analysis, the number of files currently being carried by team members, the stage of the current assigned files and when the previously assigned files were assigned. In a large agency with multiple referrals, teams and team members, distributing workloads can be a difficult task.

Matrix Caseload Management Features

Tools exist in Matrix to provide caseload information to supervisors that help to simplify the process of assigning new files. These features allow the supervisor to see a weighted view of existing departmental caseloads by worker. Weighting is determined by assessing the stage of each file and taking into consideration the recording requirements and outstanding tasks. Caseload features include:

  • Workflow Stage Case Weight
  • Workload Overview Screen
  • Case Assignment Worker Details
  • Workload Reports

Workflow Stage Case Weight

Matrix allows a case weight value to be assigned to each workflow state in the system. So for example, in the Ongoing Family Services department, a file at the “Ongoing Recording” stage may require minimal work until such time as a new 6 month recording is due. The weighing of this particular stage will be set much lower than that of an ongoing file set to “New Investigation on an Ongoing File” where much more documentation and work is required. Matrix allows the administrator to assign different weighing values to these workflow stages. This information is taken into consideration when a supervisor is reviewing current workloads for worker.

Workload Overview Screen

The workload overview screen is used by supervisors to see a departmental weighted monthly view of all case assignments for the current year. The aggregate information in this view helps managers determine caseload trends, % of workers over max workload and if there are staffing issues that need to be addressed.

Case Assignment Worker Details

The worker details screen is also used by supervisors but it provides a more granular level of information. The screen breaks down by team, individual weighted caseloads by month. This allows the supervisor to instantly identify possible candidates for new assignments.

Workload Reports

Workload reports are also available to managers and can be setup to be automatically distributed via email according to a requested schedule. More information is available in the Integrated Reporting section.