Case notes are details captured regarding a particular file that are useful to share with other workers or supervisors. Case notes are accessible to any worker that may be working on or reviewing a file.

Case Note Features In Matrix

Matrix allows for workers to capture case notes, perform a spellcheck and view case notes from all previous interactions that the client has made with the agency. Custom fields allow for agencies to create their own questions on a case note to capture further information.

  • Case Note Entry
  • Custom Fields On Case Notes
  • Mobile Case Note Entry
  • Alerting Users to New Case Notes

Case Note Entry

Case note entry captures information about the contact and the notes describing the contact. By entering information about the contact (e.g. name, date, time and location) Matrix system can ensure compliance with Ministry standards. The user can type as much information as needed into a case note, and spellcheck their entry. Matrix allows users to view all case notes from previous contact with the client.

Custom Fields On Case Notes

Custom fields are questions specific to an agency that need to be filled out along with the case note. There is no limit to the fields that can be placed on the case notes and reports can be generated by the answers.

Mobile Case Note Entry

Matrix supports case note entry via handheld devices. This allows users in the field to enter in their notes at any time. For further information see the Mobile Access feature section.

Alerting Users To New Case Notes

Afterhours/Coverage workers can enter in notes on a case and the worker assigned the case will be alerted to this by an icon on the case on their home page. This icon tells the assigned worker what type of note was created. The worker can then view the case note and acknowledge that it was read. For more information see the After Hours feature section.