A number of agencies in the province are considered multiservice agencies. These agencies provide additional services to the community outside of and in addition to traditional child protection services. The additional services that are provided vary greatly as do the case management requirements of the services provided.

Matrix Multiservice Features

Matrix fully supports multiservice agencies by providing the following features:

  • Unlimited Departments
  • Multiservice Workers
  • Multiservice Workflow
  • Multiservice Forms

Unlimited Departments

Agencies can add as many service departments as they wish. If an agency provides Child Mental Health and Developmental Services in addition to core child protection services, an administrator can simply add these two departments to the department list. Once this is done all Matrix features including workflow, forms, approvals, case summaries, etc. are available to the departments.

Multiservice Workers

Workers can be assigned multiservice case files just as regular case files are assigned. You can setup designated teams by multiservice department or you can assign multiservice files to any worker in the system.

Multiservice Workflow

Multiservice departments can have their own workflow and rules configured. For more information see the Workflow feature section.

Multiservice Forms

Agencies can add their own unique multiservice electronic forms to the system that will have all of the same form features available as regular Matrix forms.