A case file is considered to be compliant if it meets the requirements of the ministry in terms of proper capturing of information within allotted timeframes. Documentation is required at points within the case lifecycle that has specifically been stipulated within a ministry form or guideline. In some areas agencies can use customized form templates combining fields for ministry compliance purposes and internal agency requirements. Due to the fact that information can be located throughout many application screens and forms possibly unique to a specific agency the process of extracting the compliance details can be time consuming.

Matrix Compliance Features

Matrix has several compliance features that help to simply determining whether or not a file meets the criteria for compliance. The compliance features are designed to streamline the extraction of information from files and to grade accordingly based on the analysis. The compliance module provides transparency to all individuals in a proactive manner. What is meant by this is that the compliance results are known and visible throughout the case lifecycle in real time. Typically this type of information is ascertained after the fact or at specific auditing intervals.

The compliance features in Matrix are very powerful and flexible. Managers of service can quickly see cross department compliance reports on all open and\or closed files in the system allowing issues to be addressed up front. Multiple compliance profiles can be used to address the needs of the ministry and the requirements of the agency. Compliance profiles have the ability to view and analyze core data at the case level (date of transfers, case type settings, case status, etc.) as well as information that is captured by workers within form fields (referrals, safety, plan of care, risk assessments, etc.).

A compliance profile is made up of many compliance elements that are linked to core case data or case form field information. Compliance elements have assessment rules that can be applied such as - ensure that the information exists, captured by a certain date, a specific value has been selected, approvals have been made, etc. Some fields of information are captured as narrative descriptions by workers and cannot be automatically analyzed by the system. In these examples Matrix provides a quick link directly to the text and allows the compliance auditor to manually grade the result for the compliance element.

Matrix compliance features include:

  • Compliance Dashboard
  • Compliance Profile Administration
  • Compliance Reports
  • Compliance Versioning
  • Ministry Auditor Interface