Audits are performed on case files by internal agency employees looking for case compliance or by external ministry auditors. Auditors check for key documents, information, dates and outcomes. The process of digging through information in any system can be quite complex and tedious.

Matrix Auditing Features

Matrix auditing module can be used by individuals in the agency and ministry auditors to review and grade existing case files. The auditing module allows the auditor to:

  • Specify Criteria Based On Departments or Spectrum Codes For Random Selection of Case Files For Review
  • Track Auditing Tasks And Historical Audits
  • Access Case File Information For Review
  • Notify Case Workers of File Audits
  • Dynamically Create And Change Auditing Question Forms
  • Grade File Audits
  • Report On File Audits
  • Export Audit Result Information To Third Party Analysis Systems

Audits Listing

Matrix provides a hierarchical view of all previously completed audits in Matrix system. The information is rolled up by year and then by month. The pass or fail percentages are displayed and allow you to see trends over large periods of time. All items can be selected to display the individual file audits that were performed in that category, year, month, etc.

Audit Creation

Audit selection criteria department selections, spectrum code selections, data ranges, total number of files to audit, and percentages of selections according to the department selections and\or spectrum code selections. Selection criteria can be stored in the system for re-use at a later date. The system will randomly select files to be audited according to the predefined selection criteria.

Dynamic Audit Forms

Agencies can enter their unique audit questions into the system. There is no limit to the number or types of questions that can be entered into the audit form. Multiple audit forms can be saved along with multiple versions.